• Attendance


    The expectation of the Lake County School Board is that all students will be in attendance each day of the school year.


    1.            When the student is absent from school, the parent or guardian of the student will report and explain in writing the reason of the absence upon the students return to school.


    2.            If a written excuse states that the child was seen by a doctor, then a doctor’s note must be attached.


    3.            Not all written excuses are excused.


    4.            Excusable absences are as follows:

    a.            Illness or injury of the student

    b.            Illness or injury of the student’s immediate family

    c.            Death of a member of the student’s immediate family

    d.            Doctor or Dental appointments **Excuse note from doctor or dental office is required**

    e.            Pre-arranged absence with principal’s approval.

    f.              Recognized religious holidays

    g.            Judicial actions, subpoena or summons

    All other absences are considered UNEXCUSED!


    5.            All assignments missed while absent must be completed and turned into the teacher.  All missed work is due within 5 days after the return to school.


    6.            Students are allotted five (5) pre-arranged absences per school year. This must be approved by the principal 2 weeks prior to the absence.


    7.            When the student has 4 unexcused absences, a county generated letter will be mailed to the parents.


    8.            More than 10 excused/unexcused absences are considered to be excessive.  When the student has missed 10 days total, a letter will be mailed to the parents indicating that any future absences will require a doctor’s note upon the return to school in order for the absence to be marked excused. 


    9.           When the student has reached 15 absences, a Child Study Team meeting will be held with the parent, school social worker, guidance counselor, data clerk, and assistant principal to discuss the reasons that the student is missing an excessive number of days of school.


    10.        If the student continues to be excessively absent, the school may/will enforce truancy actions.  Students and families violating the state truancy law may face court action.



Last Modified on June 13, 2018