• Thinking Maps
    Thinking Maps is a language of eight specific visual patterns each based on a fundamental thought process. These patterns are used individually and in combination across every grade level and curriculum area as an integrated set of tools for successful life-long learning. This common visual language requires unique, professional training and resources for every individual implementing Thinking Maps throughout the learning community.
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    Thinking Maps are excellent tools to help students understand and process information (both academic and non-academic). See the examples below of the 8 different Thinking Maps your child will be using to assist the learning process. Feel free to use these resources at home as well when your child is working on homework.
    Defining in Context Describing Comparing & Contrasting Classifying
    Whole-Part Relationships Sequencing Cause and Effect Seeing Relationships
    If you would like more information about this resource, please visit www.thinkingmaps.com

Last Modified on May 1, 2014