• Treadway Elementary School

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    The Fabulous first grade



    Welcome to Mrs. Athey's First Grade Class!

    Things to know:

    Class Dojo: I am using class dojo to encourage important skills, like working hard and participating. It is also a means for us to communicate with each other. It's the easiest way for you to see how your child's "bearhavior" is in class. 


    Bearhavior Tickets: This is a school wide incentive for positive behavior. Students have many opportunities to earn tickets throughout the day. They can turn them into the school store for prizes!

    SkywardThe online gradebook gives you quick access to student grades anytime you’d like!


    Each student has a take home binder. Please make sure you look in the folder each day. Daily homework is in there and other important papers. 


    Math: There will be a work sheet sent home each night. (Monday -Thursday) 

    Language Arts: Please make sure to study spelling words, high frequency words, and sight words. Thursday"s will be our spelling test. 

    Reading: Each Monday I will put a passage in their folders. There are also questions on the passage. I will check each day to make sure they have read it to someone at home. Reading fluency is really important. By reaeding the passages they will become fluent in reading. 

Last Modified on January 10, 2019