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    Homework: ELA: Please study vocabulary words daily along with having your child read:). Please complete the homework close read nightly and return in your child's binder for dojo points daily:).  The close read has a different activity for your child to do nightly (M-Th).
    Agenda/Binder:  Please send the agenda/binder to school daily:).  Please check and initial agenda/binder daily letting us know that you do not have any questions about anything sent home:). 
    ELA Vocabulary (1/8-1/19)
    ability, absorb, accuse, act, elegant, enable, examine, passge, illustrations, adverbs, comparing, contrasting, annotate, refer, text evidence, connection
    Cursive Writing:
    Please send your child with a snack daily.
    Please send a note stating any changes in how your child goes home in their agenda/binder.
    Please wear PE appropriate shoes daily as we will have either recess or PE daily:). Your child may also bring them in their backpack to change into.
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    Welcome to Mrs. Conover's Third Grade ELA and Miss Bernier's Third Grade Math and Science!! 
    A little about Mrs. Conover.... 
    My name is Mrs. Jennifer Conover and I was born and raised in Eustis, Fl.  I graduated from Eustis High School in 2001 and received my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Central Florida in 2006.  I have a 14 year old son named Billy who attends Tavares High School and a 4 year old daughter named Kelsey who will begin VPK here at Treadway:).
    This is my 12th year teaching and all 12 years have been here at Treadway!  I taught Kindergarten for 10 years and this is my second year teaching Third grade. I am so excited to be teaching Reading and Language Arts again this year!  My passion as a teacher is Reading and I hope that I can pass that passion down to your child! In my class, we use a variety of technology and hands on instruction to reach every child and make learning fun!!  We learn from whole group, small group, centers and one-on-one instruction. I am so excited to be taking this journey with your children this year!  I look forward to an exciting year of learning with your little ones!  
    A little about Miss Bernier....


    Please check back often for important updates!  I update my website weekly:). 
     Important Information:

    *Attendance is extremely important in making sure that your child has a successful year in third grade:).  We teach hands on so it is very hard for your child to make up any days that they have missed.  We will send home any makeup work that we did complete that day:). Thank you so much for helping ensure that your child is at school daily and on time:).

    *Classdojo is a fantastic app that we use in both classes to update our parents on what is going on in our classes along with your child's behavior:).  We strongly encourage all parents to sign up!  If you need help signing up please send a note to either me or Miss Bernier.

    Class Pictures:
    (Coming Soon) 
    What we are learning:(1/8 and 1/15)
    Reading: Point of View, Connecting words and pictures in Informational text
    Grammar: Adverbs
    Writing: Writing in complete sentences forming 1-2 paragraphs with introduction and concluding sentence.
    Daily Schedule: (M,T,TH,F) 
    8:15-8:40 Morning Work
    8:40-9:15 Reading Block 1/Language Arts (Grammar, Vocab, Writing) OR Math Block 1
    9:15-9:45 PAWS
    9:45-10:20 Reading Block 1 Continued
    10:25-11:15 Specials
    11:15-11:50 Finish Reading Block 1
    11:50 Switch Classes (RED Group to Bernier, BLUE group to me)
    11:50-12:20 PAWS
    12:20-12:40 Language Arts (Grammar, Vocab, Writing)  OR Math Block 2
    12:44-1:14 Lunch
    1:14-1:34 Recess
    1:34-2:55 Reading Block 2 OR Math Block 2 continued
    2:55 Switch Classes (homeroom goes back to homeroom teacher)
    3:00 Dismissal 
    (Red group-Conover's Homeroom)
    Mrs. Conover's class Splits for Specials between Mrs. Ryals, Mrs. Clemence and Miss Bernier.  I have placed your child's schedule for specials in the plastic sleeve on the back of their binder:).
    (Blue group-Bernier's Homeroom)
    B-Reading Lab
    F-Math Lab
    Contact Information:
    School phone: 352-742-2291
    Email: Conoverj@lake.k12.fl.us
    Or you can write a note and place it in your child's agenda/binder.
    Please don't hesitate to contact with any questions or concerns!! 
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