Treadway Elementary School
    Please Remember
     It is very important the night before each day of the test to:
    *get plenty of sleep
    *have a huge breakfast
    *provide a stressfree atmosphere to relieve any anxieties that they maybe experiencing.
    *Talk to your child and let them know that they are ready for the test just remember to use all the skills and strategies taught throughout the year with their teacher.
    Homework Policy:
    Students must turn in homework the next day after it has been assigned to get credit. Homework is very important because it creates extra practice of  the skills learned  in class to help reinforce those concepts.  It also is a great review for skills that have already been previously learned in class.
    Students will write in their agendas important dates,assignments, and homework.
    • Agenda's need to be signed daily by parent/guardian.
    • Students should be practicing memorization of mulitiplication facts daily.
    • Homework will be assigned on Tuesday or Thursday of every week unless noted in their agenda.
    • Please encourage your children to read AR books during their nightly reading.
    • Students should also review weekly robust words along with the meaning of the word.
    • Students should also review spelling words throughout the week to prepare for the Friday test.
    Welcome to Mrs. Osborn's Third Grade Class
    Welcome to our official classroom webpage! This website is a wonderful way for us to communicate, for you and your child to keep track of important dates and activities, and for you to see all of the wonderful things we are doing in our classroom this year.

    Home Reading Support:


    Your child should read atleast 10 minutes every evening. The extra reading practice helps improve their reading ability but also promotes a better attitude toward the enjoyment of reading. You can help reinforce this by discussing the elements of the book they are reading such as characters, setting, problem, solution, events, and author's message. Let's call it "Book Talk" and it also promotes their interest in reading when you are interested too.

    Letters Home Program:

    Thank you for your support of "Letters Home" it is a journaling program which provides meaningful real world writing experiences that directly effect the students. Not only does it create another outlet for expression, it increases your communication with your child about school ,and provides an insight to your child's school day. We are using this writing to cover the writing skills required for 3rd grade by the curriculum benchmarks from the State of Florida.
    Your responses are so important for the kids ,and it allows you to monitor their progress as writers.
Last Modified on July 28, 2017