• Mrs. Huey's Pre-K class     
    Mrs. Huey


    Elaine Kimble
    Teacher's Assistant
    Hooray for Pre-K!
    I am excited to start a new year in school with a whole class full of 4 year old boys and girls! Their faces always show they are so happy and eager to learn everything! I truly can't wait to get started and get to know everyone!
    Our Pre-K program is based on learning through "centers". Children will develop skills in reading, math and writing through "hands on activities". We will do lots of brain-based learning to strengthen fine and gross motor skills. Children will also learn about getting along with others, listening, and following directions. I am proud to say the day will be full of developmentally appropriate fun learning! Because our days our so busy in reading, singing, dancing, writing, art, running, climbing, math, counting,and rhyming, please make sure your child gets a good night's sleep every night! The skills developed in Pre-K will be the basis of your child's educational career! It is a VERY important year!
    Our Schedule
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
    (Wednesday Dismissal: 2:00)
    8:35    Announcements/Pledge
    8:40    Morning Meeting
    8:55    Reading and Language Arts (New and Review)
    9:10    Restroom
    9:20    Playground
    10:00  Restroom/Wash Hands
    10:15-10:45 Lunch
    10:55  Restroom
    11:10  Calendar/Math
    11:30  Whole Group
    11:45   Centers
    12:40   Restroom
    1:05     Specials
    2:05     Snack
    2:15     Small Group
    2:30     Review and Preview
    2:40     Get Ready to Go Home
    2:50     Dismissal
    Please talk to your child about their day.  Also,  it is important that you check their folder daily and initial their calendar.




Last Modified on August 15, 2017