• What is Title I?   
    Title I is a program funded by the federal government to improve students' academic achievement.  Title I funds are used to expand and supplement the services children already receive in the classroom.  Administration, teachers and parents decide how to use these funds.  The amount provided for each school depends on the number of low-income families enrolled in the school.  This is determined by the number of students on Free or Reduced Lunch.
    How can I, as a parent, help?
    There are many ways parents can be involved in their child's education.  Parents are encouraged to participate on our School Advisory Council (SAC).  This group meets several time a year to determine how Title I funds will be used for the school year.
    Other ways parents can help:  Check your child's backpack and agenda daily.  Read and have frequent conversations with your child.  Help with homework.  Make sure your child attends school on a regular basis.  Make sure your child is well rested and is well nourished.  Use community resources such as after-school programs, recreation centers, or libraries.  Visit your schools Family Resource Center.  Attend school events and parent meetings.  Stay in touch with your child's teacher.   ~just to name a few!
    School Public Accountability Reports: This report meets public reporting requirements and provides certain additional information of interest on the status of Florida's schools.
Last Modified on December 10, 2018