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    Welcome to the Counselors' Corner
         Counseling services are available to all students at Umatilla Elementary.  The counselor is a special resource person on whom parents may wish to call.  She holds conferences with students, parents and teachers and works with the county and state agencies in providing services for our students. Any student concerns may be expressed through the Guidance Department.  The Guidance Counselors are Mrs. Cole  
    No Bully Zone!

    What is Bullying?

    Students are being bullied when another student or several other students:

    • Say mean and hurtful things to them or make fun of them
    • Completely ignore or exclude them from things on purpose
    • Hit, kick, push, shove around, or lock them inside a room
    • Tell lies, spread false rumors about them or students dislike them

    A N D. . . . . .

    • These things happen REPEATEDLY
    • It is difficult for the student being bullied to defend himself or herself

    T H E R E F O R E. . . . . .

    • Aggressive behavior is NOT always bullying, even though it is not acceptable
    • Negative, mean behavior that occurs repeatedly (a week or more) and is characterized by an imbalance of power or strength

    is BULLYING.

    B E   A   B U D D Y---N O T   A   B U L L Y ! ! !
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Last Modified on June 12, 2013