• Dress and Appearance
    Umatilla Elementary has a dress code policy. 
    We would love for all students to wear our school shirts. 
    Our Umatilla Elementary School Tee Shirts with the school logo are available for purchase at the school's office for $5.00 tax included. 
    Appropriate footwear is a key component in UES's safety program
    An appropriate shoe is a closed shoe with little or no heel, such as a tennis shoe or sneaker.
    Students not wearing appropriate shoes will NOT be allowed to participate at PE or recess for safety reasons.
    Regardless of whether the students wear uniforms or not, These dress guidelines MUST be adhered to by School Board policy:
      No hats or sunglasses except for medical reasons.
      No excessively large clothing or baggy pants.
      No tank tops or spaghetti straps
      No alcohol, tobacco or inappropriate logos.
      No bare midriffs or excessively short dresses.
      Underclothing will NOT be exposed.
      Ornate or lose jewelry is discouraged
      No open toe shoes or sandals (safety reasons)
      No fake fingernails (safety reasons)
    School T-shirts
    Our School Tee Shirts come in a variety of colors.  You can purchase the shirts in the school office for $5.00 tax included. 
Last Modified on September 4, 2013