Students must NEVER carry ANY kind of medication on school grounds, even aspirin, without an Administration of Prescription or Non-Prescription Medication Consent form signed by and authorized by a doctor. Please note that the Non-Prescription Consent Form is valid for 3 days only and may only be used ONCE per school year.

    Medical treatment is the responsibility of the parents and the family physician. Parents are urged, with the help of the family physician, to plan a schedule of giving medicine outside school hours. Exceptions may be made in cases of serious problems. Even then, medication can be given ONLY under the following conditions:

    1. Prescription medication will only be administered as approved by a physician.

    2. Your parent/guardian must give written permission to the school office, including any explanation of the necessity for the medication during the school day.

    3. Medication must be sent in the ORIGINAL CONTAINER. It must be brought IMMEDIATELY to the Guidance Office by the parent/guardian.

    4. The student must report to the Guidance Office for the medication and must take it in the sight of the supervising adult.

    5. School personnel are not allowed to provide medication for students. Please do not ask.


    Carver Middle does not have a clinic or school nurse. Calls home will be made on behalf of students who are ill or injured as needed. The following guidelines apply to these calls:

    1. Student MUST have a pass from a teacher before any call home is made.

    2. Students must return to class while waiting to be picked up..

    3. Limited first aid is available for students who are injured at school. EMS will be called for those who need serious and immediate attention.

Last Modified on August 12, 2017