Good conduct is essential to a good learning environment, and all Carver Middle School students are expected to work toward this goal. Parents and students, it is YOUR responsibility to be familiar with the rules for student conduct stated in the Code of Student Conduct & Policy Guide.  Every student is responsible for KNOWING and FOLLOWING all rules for conduct: county, school, and classroom. IGNORANCE OF THE RULES IS NO EXCUSE. In order to maintain an orderly atmosphere, Carver Middle has established the following rules for conduct in hallways and commons: 

    1.  ALWAYS walk!
    2.  Walk on the right side of the hallway ONLY.
    3.  Follow directions the FIRST time they are given.
    4.  Use a quiet voice.
    5.  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    6.  Use ONLY your assigned lockers.
    7.  Be in class when the bell rings.
    8.  No chewing gum or candy at anytime or anywhere.
    9.  Keep our campus clean: pick up after yourself and dispose of trash appropriately.

    Teachers and staff members develop their own classroom rules and employ a number of techniques to encourage all students to show responsible behavior. If you CHOOSE NOT to obey the rules for responsible behavior, then you CHOOSE the consequences. The consequences may include loss of privileges, detention, Wednesday School, suspension, or even expulsion.