Carver Middle School's dress code has been approved by Carver's SAC and the Lake County School board. The following reflects details that are in addition to dress code rules outlined in the Student Code of Conduct handbook that is approved each year by the School Board. 


    • Must be worn no lower than the point of the hip.
    • Must be no shorter than seven (7) inches from floor while kneeling. This will be checked in homeroom and if in question, will be checked by a member of the office staff or administration.
    • Must not be so long as to present a tripping hazard.
    • Must be hemmed.
    • Overalls must have both straps fastened.  


    • Must have a sleeve that covers the shoulder.
    • Must cover the midriff when arms are raised.
    • No see-through tops will be allowed.
    • Plunging or low-cut necklines will not be allowed.  


    • No backless shoes of any kind. All shoes must have an enclosed heel or heel strap.
    • No bedroom slippers.


    • No sharp-edged or spiked items.
    • Only ear piercing is allowed


    • Belts must be through belt loops and not be hanging down.


    • Not permitted at any time.

    Advertising on Clothing

    • Clothing advertising alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and those with obscene, questionable, or offensive printing on them will not be permitted. Any garment that may be associated with "gang" will not be permitted. This includes wearing items that display pictures or slogans of persons known to be associated with "gangs" or those who promote "gang" membership. 

Last Modified on August 12, 2017