• Hello ! Welcome to Crider, Jamey!


    Name: Mrs. Jamey Crider
    Email Address: criderj@lake.k12.fl.us
    Phone number: (352) 243 - 2460

                   WELCOME to the ART WEB PAGE!!!

                 ART ROCKS!!!!


    You can be a great source of help to us by:
    • Making sure your art student has all their needed supplies: oversized tee shirt, sharpened pencils, sketchbook, $10.00 art fee and a wonderful imagination!!
    • Our WISH LIST:  sequins      glitter      paint brushes
         pipecleaners       plastic containers      tin foil
                                  (with lids)
        glue guns          glue sticks for glue guns     beads
        markers            craft supplies     pencils     material
       reams of paper   fake jewels       muti - colored yarn
       ** Any thing you want to donate - we'll take it!!!!
     ** Please check out the other Art classes and Art Club pages

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