Mr. Conard (Mr. Dad)

Phone: 352-429-3322 ext. 6402


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Degree Sports and Fitness University of Central Florida

Mr. Conard (Mr. Dad)

Teaching Philosophy

            I am a family man who fits the definition of the nuclear family.  I have been married to my high school sweet heart, Olivia, since 1995.  We have two children, and both of my neighbors are family.  When a young man or woman steps onto my classroom, he or she is now my child.  They will be treated as such.  Family is the key to building self confidence.  Once a young man or woman understands that someone is there to turn to when things get hard, then he or she will feel more confident to take more risks and explore avenues that would have never been traveled alone.  I will have an open door policy for my students to come to me with any concerns they may have.  With the thought of family, we shall serve each other in and out the classroom.  I expect my own son and daughter to help, teach, and play together.  The same will be expected of my students.    The classroom is a team sport, and as a team sport we must all contribute if we are to win.  Each student brings his or her own talents.  From the brightest minds of mathematics, creative writers, artists and athletes, we all are working together for success as a whole.  No one is greater than the other and we all use ALL of our talents for the benefit and succcess of each other.  We are all one family, brothers and sisters working together for a common objective, to be successful. 

            The public will judge the school based on the standardized test score.  After all, high test scores are the goal of all public school, and they show that grow in education is being made.  However, success will be measured by a different judgment.  Success is achieved when all students, no matter what background or social status, can work together for a common goal in education, and to have the confidence in themselves to be successful in a global economy.

  • Students are tracking their workouts in Physical Education.  The following links are the tracking sheets students are using for their workouts.  Student's original copies may become torn or ripped due to the natare of the physical education setting.   Any of the sheets in the workout packet can be printed out from the links below to keep their folders neat and clean.  Student's folder grade will not be counted off if they have dirty or wrapped pages, but all information must be legible.
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