• Front of Gray Middle SchoolIn August, 2010, Gray Middle School opened the doors to its beautiful new campus on Magnolia Avenue. Until June 2009, Gray Middle School was partially housed in what originally opened as Groveland High School in 1937. The Groveland Middle School and Groveland High School campuses were combined into one site in 1996. The name of our school was changed from Groveland Middle School to Gray Middle School in 1998 in honor of one of our former principals, Mr Cecil E. Gray.  
    Academic BuildingMr. Gray came to the campus of what is now Gray Middle School in 1960 as a Groveland High School English teacher. He subsequently served the school as both assistant principal and principal before being named Groveland Middle School's chief administrator in 1987. Mr. Gray was actively involved in community and church- based activities. He greatly enjoyed working with middle school students, and he remained GMS's principal until his accidental death in 1997. It was then that a group of parents, and teachers, many of whom had been his students, initiated the process of renaming the school in his honor. The move was recommended by the Superintendent of Education and unanimously approved by the school board in 1998.
    Cecil E Gray Plaque
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