• Welcome to the ELA Department's Webpage.
    Here you will find the names and emails of teach English Language Arts teacher, their email address and the grade level(s) that they teach. Please be advised that if you would like more information on the teacher and her class, please take a look at their webpage.
    Lorraine Bond                  bondl@lake.k12.fl.us                               Grade 6
    Bonnie. Corley                 corleyb@lake.k12.fl.us                             Grade 6
    Sarah King                      unsworths@lake.k12.fl.us                         Grade 8
    Jennifer Henderson          hendersonj@lake.k12.fl.us                        Grade 6
    Denise Vanzant                vanzantl@lake.k12.fl.us                            Grade 7
    Gina Rigby                      rigbyG@lake.k12.fl.us.                              Grade 8 
    Lynda Nore                     noreL@lake.k12.fl.us                                 Grade 7
    Amy. Ditoto                     ditotoa@lake.k12.fl.us                              Grade 7
    Tatiana Bennett               beennettT@lake.k12.fl.us                         Grades 7/8
Last Modified on August 5, 2017