• Patriot Pride
    Behavior      Rewards  Consequences
    Expected Behavior:        No Tardiness
    Definition:  The student is tardy if he or she is not inside the threshold of the learning zone at the bell.
    Rewards:  At the end of each grading period, a student will receive a Patriot Bonus worth 5 extra credit points if s/he has not been tardy or if s/he possessed a valid, excused pass for extenuated circumstances.
    • 1st Tardy           Warning
    • 2nd Tardy          One administrative detention - 40 minutes
    • 3rd Tardy           One administrative detention - 60 minutes
    • 4th Tardy           Two administrative detentions - 60 minutes each
    • 5th Tardy           Saturday School
    Excessive Tardiness:  Students who are excessively late without a verifiable hall pass (more than 2 minutes) will receive an "Excessively Late Tardy" referral, with the late minutes noted.
    • Teachers:  There is no need to say anything when this occurs; inform the student of the referral privately as he or she is leaving at the end of the class mod.
    Expected Behavior:  Students Remain in Learning Zone
    Definition:  Reduction in the number of students unnecessarily out of their learning zone and student time away from instruction.
    Rewards: Students will be entitled to three Patriot Passes per nine weeks, per teacher.  Passes can be used for restroom purposes (approximately 4-5 minutes), office/attendance, locker, etc.  Only one boy or one girl may leave the learning zone at a time and each individual student must return to the learning zone before another student leaves.
    • At the beinning of every quarter all teachers are to record a column in eSembler titled "Patriot Pass," which will award students 15 extra credit points.  *
    • When a student uses a pass, the teacher will deduct 5 points from that extra credit column.
    • Students are to use no more than 3 passes a quarter.
      • However, if an emergency is prevalent, a student may use the bathroom or go to the office without penalty. 
      • Excessive Requests - Please notify guidance and administration and verify with data and a guidance referral. 
    Expected Behavior:  No Minor Learning Zone Interruptions
    Definition:  Reduce learning zone interruptions including but not limited to shout outs, pencil sharpening, note passing, inappropriate comments, etc.
    Rewards:  Patriot Assembly.  A bi-quarterly reward program designed to help students embrace our new "state of mind."
    • In each grade level, all students will be entitled to earn a 20 minute assembly to socialize with their peers.
    • Administration will determine location and time every 4 1/2 weeks.
    • A behavior record will be used by all teachers to document inappropriate behaviors in the learning zone.
      • This form was developed to:
        • assist teachers with instant documentation of inappropriate behaviors
        • assist in determining unbiased identification of students entitled to a Patriot Assembly
        • save instruction time throughout each mod
        • aid in the collection and evaluation of data for conferences, RTI, and PBS evaluation.


    Ø  0-5 minor behavioral incidents with no referrals, entitles students to attend the Patriot Assembly.

    o   See attached “Social Behavior Procedures” for references.

    Ø  6 or more minor incidents dictates that students have chosen to attend a silent study hall or other activities during the Patriot Assembly.

    Ø  Any number of recorded referral(s) dictates that students have chosen to attend a silent study hall or other activities during the Patriot Assembly.
    (Students with 504 or IEP plans may have a modified behavior form.)

    Expected Behavior: Good Deeds

    Definition: Students caught doing positive, encouraging, deeds by teachers, office staff, administration, bus drivers, custodians, food service.

    Rewards: PATS.  Pats are redeemable certificates.  All TMS adults (teachers, office staff, administration, bus drivers, custodians, and food service personnel) will have PATS issued to them.  When a student is “caught” doing positive behavior above and beyond as defined through our Patriot Pride curriculum, that adult can award a PAT to that student.

    The students will be able to redeem their PATS for rewards.


    No PATS

    Referral for negative behavior


    Patriot Pride Mission

    Most behavior is a trained characteristic.  Channeled positively and consistently, student learning gains can be positively and dramatically impacted.  Through school-wide consistency, PBS will enhance best practices that educators employ daily in their learning zones and provide simple, clear structure for our students and staff.
Last Modified on October 9, 2012