Anonymous Letter to TMS
    Patriot Pride

    I took a day off from school, at a workshop, to truly "see" our campus. 

      A campus in the ideal sense should be a hub of positive learning and activity.  Each colleague, each class, fuels the other synergistically as we work together productively and "git r dun."  I was having fun thinking of this person, then another, who did so much to help us through our day.  And it was then that I discovered we were rich!  It was like I'd been going to the bank regularly, but then found out that someone was helping me make deposits all along.  Wow!  I had "help," tangible help, and I could draw on this if needed.  This was my epiphany driving home that day. 

      * We have some pretty unique dining experiences ~ Julia Child is inspiring our kids and helping make our Friday lunches fun!  We have a great choice of other restaurants from which to order on Thursdays, and we have Geri's potato, sandwich, and salad bars everyday.

      * Look to our enrichment teachers to enrich us ~ we have art shows and jazz bands and sports events.  Each year, we get a taste of how the Spanish speaking world lives, thanks to the hard work of a dedicated teacher and her parents' help.

     * The ESE group is doing wonderful things too, trying new ways of doing things at school, going out in the community, and letting their students speak for all the exciting ways they are learning.

      * Science is trying new things as well, working with robots, approaching research and learning in innovative ways.  LA, reading, and social studies are at the heart of our program.  In every department, you'll find each teacher working day in and day out to ensure their students' success.  Someone comes early.... someone stays late.... and we all are the richer for it. 

      * Mrs. Devlin is there to entertain and inform us, Mrs. Wicker to keep us on track, Marsha and Julie in attendance to make us count, and guidance to counsel us along the way.  We have maintenance and support staff, we have administrative staff and administrators, we have wonderful people we can draw on if we need them. Even if we're too busy for them at times, they are there, steadily behind us, and we are blessed with each of these important team members.

     I think I started to write this so we can see what I haven't seen clearly until now, that we have a full life at TMS.  We're all doing such great things every day.  Children are changed because of us, and I hope everyone goes home today grateful for the good we are surrounded by.  It is within us as well.  I'm not going to sign my name, and I want it that way.  I could be anybody, but I'm somebody as I represent you.  I may write more soon, or I'm hoping someone else will decide to write something too, something good they encounter daily, or something they find especially enriching about our days here.  As the light flames up and autumn begins, I realize that these are indeed precious days.... 

     Live life fully ~ 

     Here's to you, TMS!   

     Author Unknown


Last Modified on October 29, 2010