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    ANNOUNCING an online Math & Science Program  for Middle and High School Students
    We are pleased to announce that our school has registered with PENDA Learning, an innovative learning program that is student-driven, online and proven effective. Used for mathematics & science, PENDA can assist with learning, reviewing and studying topics that are taught in class.
    Your middle or high school child will have unlimited access to PENDA Learning for use at school or at home, and for no charge!  If your child does not have internet access at home, we have arranged for them to have access at school.
    Each student in our school has been given their unique login ID and should know how to use PENDA at home or at school. You may want to ask them to demonstrate how they are using the program and encourage them to use it often! 
    We do hope that you will take full advantage of this program.  Thank you for your support for this initiative.
    PENDA is very simple to use.  Access the program at www.pendalearning.com with the following log-in information:
    CENTER ID:  Enter your School's Center ID here
    USER ID:  This can be your student ID # or your lunch #
    PASSWORD:  This will initially be set the same as your User ID
    PENDA offers support.  If you require assistance please contact us by email at info@pendalearning.com .  Remember to let us know which school you attend and in which state.
Last Modified on October 9, 2012