My child is home sick, do I need to call and let the school know they won’t be coming in?
    No, send a note with your child when he/she returns to school. Please make sure your student’s first and last name are legible. You may also use our note template by clicking here.  The note should be turned in to the front office.


    If my student arrives late, can I just drop him/her out front?
    No, please come in to sign your student in.
    My student was checked out to visit the orthodontist/dentist/doctor. Can I write a note to excuse them?
    No, please obtain a note from the doctor’s office showing that they were seen on that date at that time. Most offices in the Clermont area are familiar this requirement and will happy to provide one.
    How can I contact my child’s teacher?

    Getting a phone call to a teacher between classes is difficult. We have many phones that must share the few lines we have going in and out. The best way to reach a teacher is by email. Email addresses for all of the teachers and staff can be found on our website. Your child’s planner can also be used to communicate directly with your child’s teachers.

    When is Winter Break/Spring Break/Report Cards, etc?
    The student calendars are all found on our website and the Lake County Public Schools website, https://www.lake.k12.fl.us
    Where do I park when I come to the school?
    Visitor Parking spots are located in the front parking lot on the south side. The numbered spots are reserved for teachers and staff.
    What happens if my child gets sick at school?
    We do not have a nurse on staff at Windy Hill, nor do we have a clinic. Your child will make a call home to get someone to pick them up.
    I need to pick up my student early. Can you have him/her waiting for me in the front office?

    No, our front office is a busy place, with many adults coming and going. Unless we suspect something contagious, the student will wait in class until a parent or someone authorized by you arrive and show proper identification. We will then call them to the office.
    My child is going to a friend’s house after school. Can he/she ride on the friend’s bus?

    No, Lake County Transportation requires that students only ride their assigned busses.
    Why can’t I check my student out during the last 40 minutes of the school day?

    Our busses begin lining up in the front of the school at that time. Walking between busses to the parking area is extremely dangerous.
    Why doesn’t my student bring home printed announcements about the happenings at school like they did in elementary school?

    By the time students reach middle school, they are expected to be more responsible for relaying important information home. You can also keep up to date by checking the Windy Hill website, as well as checking our newsletter, The Wolf Tracks, which is mailed home quarterly. Our marquis in front of the school also provides important dates as they come up during the year.
Last Modified on September 28, 2018