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    Welcome to 7C Life Science & Biology!

    Teacher: Mrs. Rocki Crosby 
    Email Address: crosbyr@lake.k12.fl.us
    Phone number: 352-394-2123

    I graduated from Florida Southern College in 1983 with a B.A. degree in elementary education. My first teaching job was at Clermont Junior High teaching seventh grade Language Arts. As the school grew and relocated, I have moved with it to its present location at Windy Hill Middle School.
    I hold a Florida teaching certificate in the following areas: elementary education (grades 1-6), middle school science, and language arts (grades 5-9), and gifted endorsed.
    I was raised in South Lake County, and have seen many changes to the area.  I live in the area with my husband David, daughter Amanda, and my many animals. My family enjoys watching and attending NASCAR races, AFL football games, and NFL football games.

    Course Description:

    Life Science

    This is a year long course made up of primarily 7th graders. 
    In Life Science students will discover:
    • the nature of science
    • cell biology and the chemical basis of life
    • plants, animals, and microorganisms
    • general organization of the living world
    • genetics, heredity, and diversity
    • systems of the human body
    • ecology and human impact
    • biological change through time
    • careers and technology in the life sciences
     Biology Honors
    This is a year long course made up of 7th graders.  This course is for 1 high school credit and will count towards the students high school gpa.
    In Biology Honors students will discover:
    • the nature of science
    • matter, energy, and chemical processes of life
    • cells: biology, reproduction, and communication
    • genetics: principles, molecular basis, diversity, and biotechnologies
    • levels of organization, classification, and taxonomy
    • structure, function, and reproduction of plants, animals, and microorganisms
    • behavior of organisms
    • interdependence of organisms, humans, and the environment
    • biological selection, adaptations, and changes through time
    • agricultural, food, and medical technologies and careers

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    • General Science (5-9)
    • English (5-9)
    • Elementary Education (1-6)
    • Gifted Endorsement
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