• Welcome to Mr. Doherty's 8th grade Physical Science Advanced Class site.
    This should be a great year. We will have iPads to supplement classroom activities and  use  edmodo (an educational program similar to face book) which will have all the assigments, power points and student interactive discussions on a real time basis. This will be very beneficial to students who miss class; now they will be able to participate as the class is in session, from home. I also teach inquiry science, in which I only provide the question; they will develop a hypothesis, a procedure to test the hypothesis and then perform and analyze their test..
    A large portion of the 1st and 2nd quarter grade will be the Science Fair Project. The completed project is due on November 30th and the School Fair will be the second week of December.
    1. 200 points for the completed research paper and plan (first quarter)
    2. 300 points for the project a rubric will be provided to the students (Second quarter)
    My expectations of classroom work is as follows:.
    1. All homework (incomplete work) will be assigned on Monday and due on Friday each week.
    2. Homework is required to be completed to 80% quality; if  < 80% they have until the following Friday to correct losing 10% each day.
    3. Tests will be recorded with the earned grade and re-test opportunities until student reaches mastery >85%
    4. The interactive notebooks will have daily records of what is covered in class and what the student still needs to accomplish in order to reach mastery (they focus on their weeknesses) and will be graded at the end of each chapter.

     These will also be available on edmodo.

Last Modified on September 4, 2014