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    I  have worked within the Juvenile System from 1979-1986.  I then began my Teaching career  at Brockton High School in Massuchesetts as a Business Teacher until 1989.  I moved  to Broward County and taught Social Studies there from 1989 to 2001 at New River Middle in the inner city of Fort Lauderdale.    I came to Windy Hill Middle in 2001 and have worked in the aformentioned fields.   I have Coached Basketball, Track, and Softball for many, many years.  

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    This semester course is designed to provide hands-on instruction in keyboarding using the touch method.  Students will also explore Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and perform internet activities.   This is the last chance for students to develop computer keyboarding skills before they enter high school.  Required course.
    Computer Applications

    This semester course includes web page design and HTML code, intermediate level study of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other software applications and internet activities.  Students will also research career opportunities in the field of computers, and will gain hands-on, practical experience using software applications in business. 


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