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    Welcome to 6th-8th Grade Emotional Bahavioral Disabled

    Teacher: Mr. Deven Ramphal 
    Email Address: ramphald@lake.k12.fl.us
    Phone number: 352-394-2123

    Mr. Deven Ramphal was born in Guyana and immigrated to New York with his parents and siblings in 1980.  He is married and has two children, and moved with his family to Florida in 2003.   Mr. Ramphal has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from York College, City University of New York, and a master’s degree in Special Education from Queens College, CUNY.  He is ESE K-12, ESOL K-12, and Middle School Integrated certified.  Mr. Ramphal has been teaching for sixteen years.  His experiences include teaching adults with disabilities, and children with\without disabilities in elementary and middle schools.
    Course Descriptions:
    Emotional Behavioral Disabled
    This is a year long program that provides students with assistance in all subjects.  Students are mainstream for some core classes and electives depending on their Individualized Educational Plan.Parents are always welcome to contact me for any information/concerns.  For more information contact a school guidance counselor.
    Students obtain skills in: 
    • strategies for acquiring and storing knowledge
    • strategies for oral and written expression
    • strategies for problem solving
    • strategies for linking new information with prior knowledge
    • strategies for active participation in reading, viewing, and listening
    • self-regulated use of comprehension strategies
    • test-taking skills

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