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    Becoming an East Ridge High School Athlete
    We’re so excited you’re considering becoming an elite member of one of our athletic teams. You will need to complete an Athletic Eligibility Packet for this school year in order to participate in any sport at East Ridge High School.

    Starting this summer, out Athletic Eligibility Packets will go digital!!!  We will no longer offer paper packets after July 1st.  All student athletes will be required to register on AthleticClearance.com.  That includes kids that have turned in completed packets already (since we want to have a digital paper trail for everyone).  This is going to be a great help for everyone involved in the process: 1) Parents, 2) Athletes, 3) Coaches, 4) Athletic Director, 5) Athletic Trainer, 6) Office Staff. 


    Please take a few moments to visit www.AthleticClearance.com and watch the video to see how easy this transition will be.  Basically, parents will create an account, and register their athlete(s) for one or more sports.  Once the registration is complete, the student names will appear on the sports queue list.  The only real paperwork that is required then is the EL2 (Physical), which can be scanned and uploaded, or turned in to the ATC or AD in person.  Once the EL2 is reviewed, the athlete will be cleared and notification will be sent to the coach, and parent.  It is that simple!!  No more waiting for people to print out the packets, fill out the packets, and drop them off!!!


    One of the most beneficial elements of this is that when the signatures expire after 365 days, the parents are notified, and they can simply log in and update the info.  EL2’s and academics will be the only reason for anyone to be withheld from participation.