Registration and Scheduling Timeline for 2019-2020 *Dates are subject to change.

    See ERHS website for current updates.

    • February 20th: Distribution of Curriculum & Scheduling Guide to 8 th -11th grade students
    • February 26th and February 27th: Curriculum and pre-registration night for 8th grade students/parents ERHS Auditorium        February 26th – 5:30 or 6:30 /February 27th – 4:30 or 5:30
    • March 4th – March 8th: Online Skyward registration for all 8th -11th grade students (do your best - you will meet 1 on 1 with your counselor the week of March 25th to clarify choices and requirements)
    • March 5th and March 7th: Online scheduling assistance during Flextime for current 9th -11th grade at ERHS
    • March 25th – March 29th: Registration verification for 9th -11th grade in Media Center with school counselor
    • May 20th: Distribution of course request list to 8th -11th grade students for changes
    • May 24th: Deadline to submit changes to course request list
    • August 1st: Tentative: Access to schedules for returning students on Skyward; see website for details regarding early textbook pick-up (students will need ID and access to schedule)
    • August 2nd: Tentative: Keys to the Kingdom (orientation/schedules for all 9th grade & new students)
    • August 12th – August 23rd: Schedule changes in Guidance Express ONLY for all grade levels during school


    2019-2020 East Ridge High School Course Guide


    New Student Enrollment information and registration paperwork:  English Spanish


    State Assessments for High School Graduation

    Information related to statewide assessment requirements is available in Graduation Requirements for Florida's Statewide Assessments (PDF).

    Use this form to request a higher level course.  Example: The school/teacher recommends English 1, but your parent/s feel you need the challenge of English Honors 1.  Use this form to make the request.  This form needs to be returned to ERHS Guidance or fax to 352/242-2091. 

    **This form is not a guarantee of a class change and will be accommodated only if class size allows under Florida's Class Size Reduction Amendment. **


    This form is to be completed by any student who wishes to drop down to the next level in any academic area. For example: 1) any honors/AP course to a regular course; 2) Algebra 2 or Geometry to Liberal Arts Math.  This form needs to be returned to ERHS Guidance or fax to 352/242-2091. 
    **This form is not a guarantee of a class change and will be accommodated only if class size allows under Florida's Class Size Reduction Amendment. **


    2019 Early Graduation Form -

    This form should be completed and returned to the Guidance Office in person.  An appointment with your counselor may be necessary for final approval, as your schedule will most likely need to be adjusted.  This form is used for:

    1. beginning year as an 11th grader and ending school year as a graduating 12th grader
    2. beginning school year as a 12th grader wanting to finish graduation requirements in December (end of 1st Term)
    Bright Futures Eligibility Brochure (2018 Graduates)
    Initial Eligibility brochure for 2018 high school graduates.
    17-18 Florida Virtual School Permission Form (for ERHS)   To be completed after enrolling and requesting courses on FLVS; required for counselor approval.
    Transcript Request Form

    Replacement Diplomas Website Information    https://www.herffjones.com/

    Herff Jones offers replacement diplomas for $15.00. 

    To order a replacement, you will need to:

    •  Request your official high school transcript from the Lake County high school in which you graduated and verifies that a diploma was granted.  The replacement diploma will state that it is a replacement and signatures on the diploma will be from current administrators.  Lake County does not print the diplomas. 
    • Purchase a money order in the amount of $15.00 made out to Herff Jones.
    • Include a brief letter requesting your replacement diploma. Be sure to include your return mailing address in the letter.
    • Mail the official transcript, money order and letter in one package to:

    Herff Jones

    Attention: Rhonda Wilson

    4601 West 62nd Street

    Indianapolis, IN 46268-2593


    If you have further questions please contact Rhonda Wilson with Herff Jones by phone or email: 

     Phone: 317-612-3839

    Email: rmwilson@herffjones.com

    Prerequisite Reading Lists links are available on the ERHS Homepage.
    Use this paperwork to document official community service hours as required for the Bright Futures Academic Awards (a 3.0 gpa is required.)  Note - there are no hours required for graduation.  Pages 1 and  2 must be completed with appropriate signatures and then be approved by your guidance counselor prior to starting ANY volunteer hours otherwise we cannot guarantee that your hours will meet the Bright Future requirements.


Last Modified on February 22, 2019