• future 
    so many ways to go...
    What path will YOU take?
    What are your plans for after high school? 
    Are you considering college?  What are you going to study?
    How about vocational training? 
    The military? 
    Straight into the world of work? 
    An apprenticeship? 
    Tough questions to answer...
                                       unless you've done
                                                      some career planning!

    Plan your future with MyCareerShines

    Explore careers. Make a plan for education. Prepare for work. Land your dream job. It all starts here.

    Education and Career Planning for Life

    MyCareerShines is a comprehensive education and career planning system that will help you succeed in the increasingly competitive global economy. You will learn about yourself, discover the many options and opportunities for your future, and gain access to the information and tools to achieve your goals.

Last Modified on September 26, 2016