Welcome to Biology!

    Biology, is a science that deals with the study of life.

     Biology is an exciting and amazing course to learn and has an incredible influence on our lives.

     This course will offer an introductory look into the various aspects of living things.
    Using the scientific method, we will take a themed approach and work from the microscopic to the macroscopic world of biology.
    Course Description
    • This course is a laboratory science course, which means there will be several labs and hands-on activities.
    •  Projects, tests, quizzes, homework, labs, and lectures all apply to the content of the course this year.
    • Power points are available on the website and may be used as guides for class lectures.
    Course Materials:

    o   3 ring binder with loose leaf paper. (This is to be used for this class only)

    o   Pen and Pencil (black or blue) and a highliter
     o   Colored pencils
    Class Behavior Expectations:

    o   Do your best, be a good example

    o   Be respectful of others and property

    o   Be self-controlled and hard-working

    o   Have a good attitude

    o   Keep complaints to your self or convey them privately toward whom the complaint is directed. Be Positive



    Guidelines: Any of the following choices may result in consequences

    o   Disrupting the learning in class in any way

    o   Trying to catch 'shut-eye' during any class activity

    o   Disregarding lab safety procedures

    o   Disregarding or not participating fully on assigned classroom tasks

    o   Actively not participating in class discussions, labs, or group work

    o   Using profanity in class to each other, to me in any context.

    o   Not following the East Ridge High School policies.



    o    We will do many labs throughout the year and it is necessary to have a routine for everything to run smoothly.

    o    Lab Routine: Discussion/Pre-lab, Get Materials, Lab Experiment, Lab closure Discussion, Clean-up, reflection

    o    Everyone will be responsible for cleaning up their own lab table and materials they used before leaving class. Clean-up will begin 5-10 minutes before class gets out or as teacher announces after lab closure discussion.

    o    Everyone will take extra precautions when dealing with chemicals and /or glassware as well as following all the safety regulations.

    o    Directions for labs must be followed. Experimentation can be very dangerous, ask if you have a question about doing something in a different way.

    Remember, we are 1 knight working together!!!

    Strive for excellence!

    Gail Coley, MPH
Last Modified on October 15, 2008