2017 Volleyball/Team Sports


    I believe that Physical Education provides a unique opportunity to contribute to the overall development and well-being of every student. It is in my opinion that teaching different sports is a vehicle to helps students develop lifetime skills; like teamwork, patience, problem solving and discipline. It is my goal that students in my class are provided with a multitude of developmentally appropriate activities that include movement, fitness, sports and recreation/leisure activities.

    As a Physical Education teacher, I feel that by incorporating a variety of activities and including opportunities for my students to have some freedom in choosing them based on their skills level will help broaden their exposure and encourage them to develop a lifelong love of active participation; build a competitive spirit and/or enjoy these activities as a recreation.

    I believe that I am an educator who is motivated to create a place where students will be inspired to be self-motivated and challenged.  I believe that my students and I will have a successful experience that will last a lifetime.



Last Modified on August 17, 2016