• Hello and welcome to our East Ridge Knights Television Production Academy,

    This program serves as an introduction to the fast paced television production industry with an emphasis on studio and ENG/EFP production of news programming.  Our students learn skills like script writing, lighting, camera operation and audio engineering just to name a few.  Our students are responsible for the daily production of WKTN news announcements. 

    Our goals include developing solid production basics, providing a challenging curriculum for advancing students and improving overall job skills

    Using our production studio and professional quality ENG/EFP cameras, our students learn a multitude of valuable job skills.  Reliability, creativity and self reliance are just a few of the traits that we practice in TV Production.

    Students that move into the upper levels of television production develop a close-nit team by respecting classmate’s ideas.  The reliance on classmate’s skill and abilities teaches the value of teamwork.  It is the goal of TV 3 - 8 to learn and ceritify in industry standard editing software Final Cut Pro X.

    Students looking forward to careers in broadcasting, technology applications and even management will benefit from the program.

    As the instructor, I try to guide production while allowing students the freedom to experience the full range of production possibilities.

    Denise Honey

    East Ridge High

    Television Production


     To access all the documents that you will need for class, click in TV Production Academy and you will find the class syllabus, video release as well as other important documents.