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    French at ERHS

    "French is a chance!"
    slogan of the International Day of The French-Speaking World
    Teacher: Jason Lashbrook
    phone: (352) 242.2080 ext. 4692
    Welcome to my homepage for my French classes. I am excited to share my knowledge of the French language and culture with you (or your student)! In these courses, we will develop language skills while delving into the rich heritage of the many French-speaking cultures around the world.
     You may use this site to see what the scope and sequence of each class is as well as find some useful resources for each.
    If you have any questions about my classes or your student, please contact me at the email address or phone number above.
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    Monsieur Lashbrook




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    Celebratory Best Practice


     “In order to be a part of positive change in Florida’s world languages instruction and assessment, I collaborated on, wrote, and vetted test questions under the Race to the Top Grant with other French teachers throughout the state. We created a bank of hundreds of questions that are aligned with Florida’s new standards that test proficiency. The test bank was created with the intention of classroom teachers and districts alike to use them assess language proficiency all the while driving communicative-based instruction.

    Instructional Best Practice


    An emphasis that I make in my teaching is that of clear communication. Spending time focusing on the goal(s) for the unit, day, and even task aide tremendously in understanding the purpose of instruction. By previewing the end product of unit, lesson, or project before beginning it, the teacher is able to clarify his or her expectations as well as give the students a rationale for learning. For example, by listening to and reading several francophone students’ self-introductions, my students are able to better understand the purpose of studying individual “chunks” of instruction such as indicating one’s name, using the verb avoir to discuss one’s age, and how to conjugate and negate verbs in order to discuss likes and dislikes.




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