• Chef Ken Pitts - Culinary Arts 

    15 years teaching experience

     Come one, Come all to Ye old grill!!

    Hello and welcome to East Ridge High School’s Culinary Arts Program’s official information site!  At East Ridge High School the Culinary Arts curriculum is based on an educational model of a commercial restaurant.  School, faculty, and staff oblige as customers for the student operated business.  The Royal Court Café serves as an excellent training ground to enhance knowledge and skills for students to become proficient in the area of Culinary Arts.  

    Program Objectives:

                After successfully completing the program, students should be able to:

    • Set realistic employments goals
    • Learn and demonstrate employability skills
    • Use appropriate commercial kitchen equipment and supplies safely and correctly
    • Demonstrate acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary for various levels of culinary occupations
    • Create a realistic “work-setting” in which to apply employment skills.


     This program places emphasizes on Culinary Finesse, Creativity and Self-improvement.  This experience acquaints students with the skills necessary to become independent, productive members of society.  We appreciate your interest in our program and hope to see you in the Café real soon.

    We are….. “One Knight!”


    Contact Information
    Phone Number:
    352-242-2080 ext 4731
    Office Hours
    6:30am- 2:40pm
     Courses Taught
    • Culinary 1
    • Culinary 2
    • Culinary 3
    • Culinary 4 Track 1 Culinary and Hospitality Mgmt.
      Track 2  Advanced Baking, Track 3  Garde Manger and Gastro
    • Certified Executive Chef
    • Serv-Safe Proctor/Instructor
    • National Registry Foof Safety Professional certified instructor/proctor
    • CSFE-Certified Secondary Foodservice Educator 
Last Modified on August 17, 2018