Ms. María R. Rodríguez

Phone: (352) 242-2080 Ext. 4701


Degrees and Certifications:

M.Ed (Adolescent Counseling)/ English 6-12 / ESOL K-12

Ms. María R. Rodríguez

Instructional Best Practice:
Teaching the students to engage and comprehend what they are reading becomes significant and vibrant if the students can make a connection.  This connection is made by selecting news and literature that is current and grabs their interest.   English 3 , for the most part, explores American literature.  This content ties in with the US History class making the class relevant and interesting.  It gives the students a glimpse into how we have grown and evolved as a nation.  
Celebratory Best Practice:
In my classroom, we celebrate our diversity.  Students are free to express themselves (appropriately and respectfully) knowing that we can " agree to disagree."   Every student has something important to say, every student has the need to learn about the world outside of his/her own world.  Our classroom is a "United Nations" where every culture is celebrated, shared, and respected.  As the "host country,"  our local students are learning about other cultures from their peers and, in turn, they (USA) are teaching these students about our American culture.
Inspirational Quote:
It matters not how strait the gate;
How charged with puishments the scroll.
I am the master of my fate;
I am the captain of my soul.
             from INVICTUS by William Hernest Henley