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    Dear Parents and Students,


    My name is Mrs. Simone Seaton and I am the Marketing Education Teacher Coordinator at East Ridge High School.  I am the school advisor for DECA – the club that is affiliated with the Marketing Program and I encourage all students to sign up for this club.  DECA helps students develop skills and competence for marketing careers, build self-esteem, experience leadership and practice community experience.  I am also in charge of the Marketing School Store which is part of the Marketing class and it is considered a lab.  All students are required to work in the store for a minimum of 10 hours as part of the Marketing curriculum.  This will teach them valuable skills such as working in a store and customer service. 


    I am really thrilled to be teaching the Marketing Education Program.  I have been at East Ridge for the last six years and I am looking forward to another exciting year.  We do joint projects with different Career Education classes on campus, such as Television Production, Computer Graphics, Culinary Arts and Web Design.  There will be speakers from the marketing industry who will come in and share their areas of expertise with you.  We also go on field trips around the community.  


    What is Marketing?

    ž  Marketing is learning skills and information to help you in the future.  Whether it is in a job, in college, or
    even in another class.  Everything you learn in this class will help you in real world situations.  It does not just
    teach you new knowledge, it allows you to build on skills that you already have and make you better at it.

    ž  Marketing is the process of developing, promoting and distributing products to satisfy customers’ needs and

    ž  It’s all around you -:

    ž  The packaging on your favorite cereal

    ž  The commercial on TV that made you laugh yesterday
    ž The survey you answered at the mall
    ž The concert you recently attended


    The Marketing Program at ERHS consists of four classes:

    ž  Marketing Essentials (Level 1) – Offered in Fall & Spring
    Learn the basics:  What is Marketing

    ž  Marketing Applications (Level 2) – Offered in the Fall
    Expand the knowledge taught in Marketing Essentials – How is marketing applied in the real world

    ž  Marketing Management (Level 3) – Offered in Spring
    Project based class – totally hands on.  Everything that was taught in Marketing 1 & 2 will be incorporated.  This class will be the marketing department for ERHS events. 


    Tech Prep – College Credits

    ž  After completing all three Marketing classes, students will get a Tech Prep Certificate.  This allows them to
    earn up to 3 college credits by taking an Assessment Test at Lake Sumter Community College.


    What do you actually do in the class?

    ž  Projects

    ž  Role Plays

    ž  Research

    ž  In class Notes and Discussions

    ž  Field Trips

    ž  Guest Speakers

    ž  Work in the School Store

    Is Marketing right for you?

    ž  It does not matter whether your dream job is to be an entrepreneur, manage a store or go into public relations.  This class will help you prepare for any business related job.  It will also help prepare you for college.  You will do group projects where you will learn how to work in a team.  You will develop presentation skills and learn how to speak in front of an audience.  Then there is DECA, the club that is part of Marketing.



    ž  The club associated with the Marketing class.  DECA helps students develop skills and competence for marketing careers, build self-esteem, experience leadership and practice community experience. 

    ž  Students participate in community service and several social activities throughout the year.

    ž  Students attend various conferences where they will meet marketing students from all over the U.S.  There are district, state and national competitions that they can participate in.  There are individual and group events.  There is usually a written test then there is role play before a judge.  You will be trained on how to compete in these events.  Your leadership skills will be developed.  You will also learn how to develop social and business etiquette.

    ž  Seniors have the chance by being in DECA to apply for scholarships that are only available to DECA students.


    What are the careers associated with Marketing?

    ž  Public Relations, E-Commerce, Fashion Merchandising, Travel Agent, Store Manager, Boutique Buyer, Managment, and so many more. 



    For more information, please contact Mrs. Seaton via email at Seatons@lake.k12.fl.us.  Phone#: 352-242-2080 *4672

Last Modified on September 7, 2013