• CERAMICS at LHS- Ms. Padilla
    Welcome to the LHS Art Department....land of ceramics, aesthetics and muddy hands!
       I have been proudly teaching at LHS for 14 years. 
    I love all things clay, and any art that make me wonder. 
     Our classroom is a studio and we respect it and each other.
     I believe insde every person is a creative child that NEEDS to be tactile. 
    Clay fufills something deep inside the nature of humans to create somthing lasting.
               l            l            l            l        
     clay tower clay work
    Courses:  Ceramics One, Ceramics Two, Ceramics Three Honors, Portfolio and Advanced Placement Art
    Contact Ms. Padilla:   by email: padillam@lake.k12.fl.us or by phone:352-787-5047 ext.7053
Last Modified on August 4, 2018