• What is the Student Government Association?

    The Student Government Association (SGA) is made up of a diverse group of student leaders who pride themselves in creating the best learning and social environment for all students. In doing so, we develop and strengthen valuable skills needed to be successful in life including leadership, teamwork, community service, and responsibility.

    SGA puts on events such as the Homecoming Carnival & Parade, WinterFest, and Spring Week, just to name a few.  We are also responsible for collecting forms and funds for student parking.


    Homecoming Court Application 2018

    Download the application for 2018 homecoming court application below.  Completed applications are due to Dr. Bristo on Tuesday, September 25th at 2:30.


    Homecoming Court Application


    Student Parking 2018-2019


    Student parking passes will be sold July 25th and August 1st from 8am - Noon in Room 209.  Parking applications will be available online soon.

    Painting of senior spots will take place August 4th and August 18th.  Permits will also be sold at that time.  Painting guidelines will be available online soon.  Please see the Student Parking page for more information.

    Club Sponsor- Dr. Bristo (Room 209, Main Campus)  E-Mail: BristoJ@lake.k12.fl.us



Last Modified on September 20, 2018