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    Naval Reserve Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC)

    Purpose and Objectives


    The NJROTC is a leadership program designed to give students a head start. NJROTC develops the self-discipline, self-confidence and leadership skills to help students meet life’s challenges.    People who are successful in life, who succeed in business, industry, and education have developed strong self-discipline, the ability to lead and motivate others, and a well rounded character. The NJROTC curriculum and instructional activities are designed to develop leadership ability regardless of career path.


    The naval science curriculum includes subjects such as leadership, naval history, world cultures, citizenship, astronomy, oceanography, meteorology, naval ships and aircraft, seamanship, navigation and sea power. The program stresses physical fitness and a healthy life style. NJROTC is a 4-year program.


    The objectives of NJROTC are to:

    1. Promote patriotism.

    2. Develop informed and responsible citizens.

    3. Promote habits of orderliness and precision.

    4. Develop a high degree of personal honor, self-reliance, individual discipline, and leadership.

    5. Promote an understanding of the basic elements and need for national security.

    6. Develop respect for and an understanding of the need for authority in a democratic society.

    7. Promote community service.

    8. Provide incentives to live healthy and drug free.

    9. Develop leadership potential.

    10. Promote high school completion.


    The Navy provides all books, drill equipment, uniforms, and other teaching materials. The student must provide dedication to the Navy’s core values of honor, courage and commitment, and the determination and desire to be a well-rounded young person of high moral character.


    CDR Don Guy
    Senior Naval Science Instructor
    5th Period Planning
    (352) 394-2100 Ext 5488
    Naval Science 2, 3, 4

    2016-2017 NJROTC Syllabus 

    2016-2017 Schedule of Events

    Spring 2017 Update

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