• Our History

    On August 9, 1993 a task force of parents, teachers, administrators, and business leaders was established to make recommendations concerning the old jr. high school and the present Clermont Elementary School. The recommendations were to relocate Clermont Elementary School to the old jr. high and refurbish that campus. Much of the old Elementary School would then be torn down and rebuilt. This campus would then become a magnet school.

    In May of 1994, the Lake County School Board requested that an interest survey be done. This survey showed that a majority of parents from Minneola and Clermont Elementary schools preferred a Magnet Science/Math/Technology School.

    Beginning in January of 1996 the soon-to-be faculty of Cypress Ridge began meeting monthly with principal Dennis Reid, to create a mission statement and write a curriculum framework that would be a guiding force of instruction.

    In August 1996 Cypress Ridge Elementary, led by principal Dennis Reid, opened as the first math, science, technology magnet school in Lake County.

    At the end of October 1996 Cypress Ridge became the first networked elementary school in lake county using a windows platform.

    In August of 1997 Cypress Ridge went before the school board to have a wavier signed which made uniforms mandatory at this school. They also had a wavier signed to begin a unique program called Wonderful Wednesday, which is explained in detail under the Curriculum heading.


    In August 1999 Cypress Ridge piloted a School-to-Work/ Technology program for Lake County.  

    In the 2000 - 2001 school year Cypress Ridge piloted Accelerated Math, an innovative computer assisted math curriculum that allows teachers to individualize instruction for their students.

    In 2001, Cypress Ridge won the state and national ABC's of Career Awareness and Career Exploration Exemplary Program Award and the Florida Department of Education Parent Involvement Award for Celebration of Learning.

    In November 2002 Mr. Sanders was hired to be the new Cypress Ridge principal, following the retirement of Mr. Reid.

    During the 2004-05 school year, all homeroom classrooms were outfitted with audio enhancement systems, and teachers were provided with tablet PC's and projectors to further the use of technology in the classroom.

    At the start of the 2005-06 school year, Mrs. Carmen Arnold became the third principal of Cypress Ridge.

    During the 06-07 school year, Mrs. Arnold oversaw the removal of the original portables, and the installation of 17 new portables on the south side of campus.  Additional strides were made in writing instruction, as a writing resource teacher was added to the faculty. A new science lab was added, so that one serviced kindergarten through second graders, with the other servicing third through fifth graders. This program was funded by a three year grant that ended in 2009.

    Summer of 2007  brought Mr. Rob McCue to Cypress Ridge, after Mrs. Arnold was tapped to open a new south Lake school. Cypress Ridge students continued to excel during Mr. McCue's tenure. From 2007 - 2010, Mr. McCue oversaw innovations in technology and worked to increase student and staff recognition with programs including Outstanding Osprey and monthly celebrations of "above and beyond" activities. Enhanced math and science instruction continued with expansion of the Accelerated Math program and additions to the Science Lab.
    Mr. McCue was assigned to South Lake High School in the summer of 2010.  His successor, Mr. Randy Campbell joined the Cypress Ridge family looking forward to encouraging students and teachers alike to always aspire to achieve. His goal was to earn the distinction of being the CRES principal with the longest tenure on record. That was not to be.  Mr. Campbell was reassigned after one successful year at the helm.
    Dr. Kathy Cantwell rejoined the CRES administration in August, 2011.  Dr. Cantwell had been an AP at CRES before going to Rimes Elementary.   Dr. Cantwell was an innovative educator and leader who expanded our technology base by funding the purchases of iPads, smart boards, and other technology pieces. Cypress Ridge 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders demonstrated their excellence in science, technology, engineering, and math during their participation in the Lake County STEM Bowl, and the school earned recognition as a STEM school.  Dr. Cantwell retired in 2013.
    Mr. Dale Delpit was selected to lead Cypress Ridge in August of 2013.  His vision was to continue to expand the integration of technology and to move Cypress Ridge to the forefront of STEM education in Florida. During his five years at CRES we saw an expansion of technology learning labs and computers in the classrooms. He also led a committee that created the Discovery Science Center at Cypress Ridge, a hands on STEM learning destination for the students on Lake County.  The DSC opened in August of 2017

    In July of 2018 we welcomed Scott Voytko to the Cypress Ridge family. Mr. Voytko has a passion for elementary school students and STEM learning.  His energy and enthusiasm are contaigious. The future for Cypress Ridge Elementary School looks challenging and exciting to students and staff as they both continue to strive for excellence and soar to great heights!

Last Modified on July 23, 2018