• 2016-17 School Hours

    Students may enter campus: 8:00 am
    Students dismissed to their teachers: 8:25 am
    Students begin their day of learning: 8:30 am.
    Students marked tardy: 8:30 am
    Dismissal: 3:05 pm; 2:05 on Wednesday
    Students should be picked up by 3:20 pm, 2:20 Wed.
    To ensure that your child misses no part of her school day, please plan your schedule so that your child can enter her classroom by the 8:25 bell. Students arriving in the classroom after the 8:30 bell are marked tardy. Additionally, please plan doctor, dentist, and other appointments after school hours and on student holidays.  Your cooperation with this, parents, shows your dedication to your child's education and your support of our efforts to eliminate classroom interruptions! Thank you!
    Children may begin arriving at school at 8:00. K-1 students should be dropped off at the K-1 car rider area (right side of school), where they go into the facing doorways of the building known as the Smith building until bell time. Students in grades 2-3 go to the lunchroom  and grades 4-5 go under the PE pavillion (into the media center during inclement weather). All are dismissed to their teachers at 8:25. Any students arriving after 8:30 are marked tardy.
    Dismissal time is at 3:05 (2:05 on Wednesdays). All students should be picked up at their respective car rider areas by 3:20. (K-1 students and their siblings go to the K-1 area on the right side of school, the rest of the 2-5 students are picked up at the front parking area.)
    Being on time every day gives each child the advantage of being  prepared and ready to learn!  Staying for a full day of instruction is equally important. Teachers take advantage of every teaching minute during the school day.  When you bring your child to school late or check her out early, she will miss lessons, explanations, and announcements that are necessary for her success. Late arrivals and early checkouts also interrupt valuable instruction time. Please do not take students out of school except for emergencies.  Any student checked out early for an appointment must have a doctor’s note at the time of check-out or the next day.  If no note is provided, that day will be marked unexcused. Lake County School Board attendance policy is firmly enforced.  Unexcused absences can affect your child’s grade.


Last Modified on December 6, 2017