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    Phone: 394-2100 x 5461
    Classes: Art 2D, 2D II, and AP Studio Art
    1-3 block is Art 2D
    5th and 7th is Art 2D II
    4th block is AP Art 
    Planning time:2nd block
    AP Artists-Please check the school website for summer assignments or visit me in room 137 for a paper copy. 
    *All Art classes require a $20.00 materials fee and a notebook for written assignments.
    Art supplies will be given to individual students after the fee is paid. Note that some supplies will be individual and others will be shared in bulk. 
    Note: Borrowing supplies from the art department will require a $5.00 deposit refunded when items are returned within 14 days after borrowing.

Last Modified on April 25, 2017