• Parent Handbook

    You may click HERE to download a copy of our Parent Handbook, which contains descriptions of all policies and procedures at Cypress Ridge.  Below are 3 policies which most often affect the safety and education of your child.

    Having your child in the classroom by 8:20 a.m. will help our teachers begin the day with the least amount of disruptions. Being on time every day gives each child the advantage of being prepared and ready to learn! Staying for a full day of instruction is equally important. Teachers take advantage of every teaching minute during the school day. When you bring your child to school late or check her out early, she will miss lessons, explanations, and announcements that are necessary for her success. Late arrivals and early checkouts also interrupt valuable instruction time. To ensure that your child misses no part of her school day, please plan your schedule so that your child can enter her classroom by the 8:20 bell. Students arriving in the classroom after the 8:30 bell are marked tardy. Additionally, please plan doctor, dentist, and other appointments after school hours and on student holidays.  Your cooperation with this, parents, shows your dedication to your child's education and your support of our efforts to eliminate classroom interruptions! Thank you!
    Please do not take students out of school except for emergencies. Lake County School Board attendance policy is very firm. Unexcused absences can affect your child’s grade.

    When parents fill out their child’s information sheet, they designate who may pick up their child and who is the emergency contact. Please do not call the office and ask us to permit your child to go home with someone other than those on the information sheet, as we can’t always recognize parents by voice. If you need to make a change on the information sheet, please stop by the office. We will ask for identification when our staff does not recognize an individual. Your designated pick-up people will not be allowed to take your child before dismissal without a note from you. If you have a custody issue, please be sure to provide a copy of your most recent court order to the office. If you have any questions regarding this, please call our Guidance office at (352) 394-1130.
    Please always send a note with your child in the morning if she will NOT be going home by the usual means.
    Medications (more information on the Site Shortcut to your left)
    The Lake County School Board has a very strict policy in place regarding prescription and non-prescription drugs. Please read the following carefully.
    1. A medication form is necessary for each medicine given at school.
    2. Medications must be brought in and picked up by the parent, never the student.
    3. All medications must be in the original container with a current date.
    4. The first dosage must be given at home.
    5. No more than a four-week supply of prescription medicine can be accepted.
    6. Antibiotics may be accepted only if taken more than 3 times daily with physician approval.
    7. Administration of non-prescription medicine is limited to 72 consecutive hours (3 days) without a physician approval.
    8. Students may keep inhalers with a physician’s consent on file. The inhaler should have the label affixed to the inhaler for easy identification or must be in the original box with the pharmacy prescription on it.
    9. Lake County Schools may not administer the following non-prescription medications: Cold remedies; Throat sprays; Herbs; Vitamins; Cough Drops; Cough Syrup; Eye, Ear and Nose medications; Medicated Chap Stick or Blistex. Cold remedies are available that last 8-12 hours and can be given at home before the child leaves for school.
    10. Medications for fevers are not allowed to be dispensed by school personnel. If a child has a fever, he/she should be at home.
Last Modified on November 14, 2016