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    Here is the 2018-19 Supply List for all grades. 

    This year, 2018-19, a copy of the Lake County Code of Student Conduct (student behavior expectations and consequences) is not being distributed to all families; rather it is available online here for you to download or read.   There will be separate forms to sign on the first day of school to acknowledge that you can access and read the Code of Student Conduct. 
    This form (sent home in school folder of forms) must be completed and witnessed; it gives parents the opportunity to opt out of four situations:
    1.  Internet usage at school
    2. using student's photo, likeness, etc
    3. including student information in directory
    4. student having school email address
    Form available in Spanish.
    Thank you so much for addressing these!

    Our 2018-19 Parent Handbook has not only very important information, but it has a page at the end requiring initialing and signatures in order to grant your child permission to use iPads, our library books, etc. So please don't forget to send it in when it is completely filled out.  We appreciate your help with this!
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