Cyndee Torgler

      Welcome to Pre-K!!  We are very excited to be starting another year of learning and growing. 


    Now a little bit about our class.  We consider ourselves to be family in Pre-K.  We start and end every day with a hug.  We are here to support our families.  We love what we do.  Ms. V and I work together as a team planning, cleaning, teaching etc.  We set high expectations for our students.  Our goal is to get to know each of our students so that we can challenge them and excite them about learning.


      The Pre-Kindergarten ESE class offers a fun filled, exciting day for our students.  Our classroom will be a happy and secure learning environment where your child can reach his/her full potential.    Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities.  The classroom is informally divided into centers that the children may choose to explore each day to do their "work".  Student/student, and student/adult interaction is encouraged throughout the day.  We also interact as a whole group, in small groups, and as individuals.  Group interaction is encouraged during snack and lunch times with a focus on appropriate conduct and manners.  Language is the foundation of our classroom.  The daily schedule includes activities such as circle (whole group), table activities, story time, outside play, and rest. 
      The Behavior Management System utilizes both verbal and tangible reinforcers.  Each child receives positive verbal interaction every single day.  Tangible reinforcers may be stickers or stamps for behavior, participation, and thoughtfulness.  Consequences include verbal warnings, verbal discussion one-on-one with adult and classmate if necessary, removal of activity or item, and/or removal from group followed with one-on-one discussion and request for an apology. 
      Lunch is eaten in the classroom as a group.  Your child may bring lunch (we have a refrigerator) or a school lunch.  Your child will be given a lunch number that will stay with him/her throughout their stay in Lake County Schools. 
      Communication sheets will come home daily reporting how your child's day went.  Each child has a folder for that goes home daily and should be returned the very next day.  Use this folder to send in lunch money and notes if you have questions or comments.  Please let me know if anything happens that may affect your child's normal behavior or routine.   We can communicate before and after school when you drop off and pick up your child as well. 
      Drop off is between 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM at the front of the school.  Please insist on dropping your Pre-K child at station 1 - even if you have already dropped off a sibling at a previous station.  Ms V, myself, or another adult will be there to wait with the children on the benches.  For the safety of your child, do not drop off your child before 8 AM and unless you see myself or Ms. V!  At 8:30, the gates are locked and we walk to class together.  If you are running late, you will need to park, walk with our child into the office, get a visitor tag, and walk your child to class. 
      Pick up will be from 2:40 PM to 3:00 PM (1:40 to 2 on Wednesday) at the front of the school.  If you are running late, please call or text.  Your child’s safety is our primary concern.  We provide adult supervision at all times.  A child will NEVER be left unattended, so please do not worry.  Picking up your children any other time needs to be done through the office. 
      I am glad you are a part of our Cypress Ridge Pre-K Family!  We are looking forward to a fantastic, child-centered, busy, fun school year!
    Cyndee Torgler & Ms. V