• Mrs. Hernandez's Newsletter 4-22-19
    Important News

    We will be attending a play put on by Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Dickson’s first graders on “Character Matters” on April 24th.  We will walk to the middle school for the 30 minute performance.  Students without permission slips may not attend.

     The 5th Grade students will be a hosting a Mother’s Day Celebration on May 13th (we know it is the day after).  We ask that each student wear their Sunday best to school (no uniforms).  They may bring a uniform to change into after the celebration.  An invitation to the celebration went out last Wednesday.  Please let us know ASAP if you will be attending.

     Here is the rest of the FSA testing schedule coming up.  Please do not plan appointments or absences for those days if possible.

     FSA Reading – May 1 & 2, 2019

    FSA Math – May 6 & 7, 2019

    FSA Science – May 9 & 10, 2019

     A note about the BBQ will be sent out soon.  The time is approximately 12:00-1:30, with set up starting at11:00am.

    Important Dates to Remember

    April 22-26- BJ’s Spring Membership Drive

    April 24- “Character Matters” play by Harris/Dickson, times TBD

    April 24- Progress Reports

    April 25- Chili’s Spirit Night and Day 11am-11pm

    May 1 & 2- FSA ELA Test

    May 6 & 7 – FSA Math Test

    May 6-10 – Staff Appreciation Week

    May 7 – Family Reading Night 5-6:30pm

    May 7 – Chipotle Spirit Night

    May 8 – Reading Goals Met

    May 9 & 10 – FSA Science

    May 13 – Mother’s Day Celebration

    May 16 – Celebration of Learning

    May 20 – 5th Grade BBQ

    May 23 – K-4 Award Ceremonies (Media Center)

    May 24 – 5th Grade Promotion

    What We Are Learning This Week

    ELA: We will spend this week working out of the IReady Florida LAFS Assessment Book in preparation for the FSA.  We will be reviewing all skills taught in 5th Grade

    Social Studies: The American Revolution

    Science: Changes in the Environment

    Math: Geometry


    Every week we ask that the students complete 30 minutes of Moby Max Informational Reading, as well as 30 minutes of Iready Math.  Students are also responsible for completing any unfinished classwork at home.

    Social Studies Vocabulary

    tariff – a tax on imported goods

    massacre – the killing of many people

    quarter – give food and/or shelter to

    martial law – an area controlled by the military

    Patriots – colonists who wanted independence from England

    Loyalists – colonists who were loyal to England

    neutral – undecided, not choose a side

    militia – a volunteer army (Minutemen)

    Continental army – paid soldiers from the colonies

    petition – a written request for rights or benefits

    independence – freedom from rule by others

    rights – freedoms

    treason – a crime of fighting against your own country

    mercenary – soldiers who are paid to fight for another country (i.e. Germans fighting for England)

    retreat – to move away from your enemy

    morale - spirits

    enlist – sign up for military service

    alliance – a formal agreement of friendship between countries

    strategy – a plan

    peninsula – land surrounded by water on most sides

    negotiate – discussions to come to an agreement (compromise)

    Treaty of Paris – official document that ended the war and extended the USA’s borders.

    abiotic factor
    – a non-living part of an ecosystem

    adaptation – a characteristic that enables a living thing to survive in its environment

    biome – one of the Earth’s large ecosystems, with its own kind of climate, soil, plants, and animals

    biotic factor – a living part of an ecosystem

    carnivore – an animal that eats another animal

    commensalism – a relationship between two kinds of organisms that benefits one without harming the other

    community – all the living things in an ecosystem

    conservation – protecting the ecosystem and the organisms living in them

    consumer – any animal that eats plants or other plant-eating animals

    decomposer – any of the fungi or bacteria that breaks down dead plants and animals into useful things like minerals and rich soil

    ecosystem – all the living and non-living things in an environment, including their interactions with each other

    environment – all the living and non-living things in nature

    extinct – a species that has died out completely

    food web – the overlapping food chains in an ecosystem

    habitat – the place where a plant or animal naturally lives and grows

    herbivore – an animal that eats plants, algae, and other producers

    meander – bends and s-shaped curves in rivers

    omnivore – an animal that eats both plants and animals

    predator – an animal that hunts for food

    prey – an living thing that is hunted for food

    producer – any of the plants and algae that produce oxygen and food that animals need

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