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    Library Policies
    • Checkout
      Students check out books on their scheduled visit every ninth school day with opportunities to come more often with teacher permission. 
    * Kindergarten- 2nd: 1 book
    * 3rd: 2 books
    * 4th-5th: 3 books 
    (Kindergarten students will begin checking out books in March and keep their books in their classrooms)
    Library books are due back on the student's next scheduled visit.  Classes that have all books returned receive 5 mustang bucks.
    • Overdues 
      Minneola does not charge daily fines, but we do hold students accountable for materials that they check out.  If a book is lost or seriously damaged, students are asked to pay the purchase price of that material.  Overdue notices are sent home with the students when necessary. 
    • Conduct in the Media Center 
      Students are expected to follow the Mustang School Rules in the media center
    • Bring a positive attitude
    • Keep hands, feet and body to yourself
    • Listen and follow directions
    • Be respectful of others and their property
    • It is also asked that students use whispering voices, walking feet and shelf markers to help keep the shelves nice and neat
    (Students in grades 2-5 are asked to sign a copy of the Student Agreement written below on their first day of check-out)
    Student Agreement
    I have been instructed in careful and respectful handling of books.  I understand it is a privilege to use the library and the materials in it.  I agree to enjoy and return all library books that I borrow on time and in good condition.  I know that if I lose or damage a library book, I am responsible for paying the original cost of that book.  I also understand, if there is an overdue/lost book from last year, I will not be allowed to check out until the book(s) have been returned or paid for. 
    Any Questions Please Contact:  valentaa@lake.k12.fl.us 
     (Angel Valenta, Media Specialist)
Last Modified on March 24, 2010