Frequently Asked Questions
    When is the first day of school?
             School year 2017 -18 will start Aug. 10, 2017


    What time is dismissal?

    Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday it is 2:55 PM.   On Wed. it is 1:55 PM

    6th Grade - 3:15 PM.      On Wed. it is  2:15 PM


    What time does the Tardy bell ring?  

    Warning bell rings at 8:15AM and the Tardy Bell rings at 8:20 AM.  The student should be in the classroom and seated at that time.


    How many Tardies are permitted per 9 weeks? 

    After 3 Tardies, a student receives 1 unexcused absence.

    After 4 unexcused absences, a letter will be sent home.



    When do you start charging for late pick up?   

    Mon, Tues, Thurs and Friday it is 3:00 PM.  On Wednesday it is 2:00 PM.  After that time you will be charged $5.00 until 3:25 PM (2:25 PM on Wed.) .  

    From 3:25 - 3:35 - $5.00           Wed. - 2:25 - 2:35 - $5.00 

                        3:35 - 3:50 - $15.00                    2:35 - 2:50 - $15.00

                        3:50 - $25.00                              After 2:50 - $25.00

    When is the last day of school?            

    May 24, 2018



    How much is school lunch?   

    $2.90 per day plus any extras they may order, such as ice cream, chips, cookies, extra helpings, etc.  You can add money to your child’s account by going to the RLC website under Lunch Menu.  It will also send notices to you when your child’s account is getting low once you have set their account up to do so. You can limit their spending at lunch by calling the front office. (352-385-4399)



     How do I become a chaperone or volunteer?  

    Go online to www.lake.k12.fl.us  then click on Departments & Programs > Human Resources > Volunteers

               Then click on the link under "How to become a Lake County Schools Volunteer"


    What must I do when I visit the campus? 

    You must have a photo ID and sign in at the Front Office to receive a Visitor sticker.


    Can I wait outside my child’s classroom for dismissal? 

    No! You need a car pick-up tag issued by the front office. All parents wait at the front of the school for their student.  This will assist the teachers in getting the end of the day instruction completed without distractions.  


    How do I do a transportation change for my student? 

    Please write a note to the teacher with includes: teachers’ name, students’ full name, car rider or bus rider and with whom, if bus then the name of the bus and the stop.  Emergency transportation changes must be called in to the office by 2:00 PM and 1:00 PM on Wednesdays.


    How do I sign my child out of school? 

    Please go the Front office, sign your child out on the computer, show identification, and you child will be called to the front office.  So that children do not miss out on valuable class time, we are unable to call children to the front office until their parent/guardian has arrived in the office to sign the student out. Students will not be signed out of school after 2:30, they will need to wait until regular dismissal at 2:55/3:15.

    How many times can I check my child out early?  

    3 times per 9 week period, unless you have a doctors excuse.  3 unexcused early dismissals count as 1 unexcused absence.


    What is Tuesday School?  

    That is where your child is assigned to report to a designated area after school on Tuesday for such reasons as excessive tardies, excessive early check outs or failure to complete assignments or classroom behavior.  If it is for assignments or behavior, the teacher will send a letter home advising the parents of the date of Tues. School and the time required to attend.   If it is for tardies or checkouts, you will receive a letter in the mail and one sent home with the student by the Front Office.


    What is a Pre-arranged Absence and how do I get one?  

    Pre-arranged absence form can be obtained from the Front Office if you know you are going to be out of town for any length of time and your child will miss school.  You will need to fill out the form, return it to the Front Office or teacher and then it will be approved by the teacher and principal.


    What if my child has to miss school due to illness or appointments?  

    If you child misses school due to illness, please write a note to the teacher explaining briefly why your child was absent.  If they were out for an appointment, please get a doctor’s excuse from their office or show proof that you were there.  It will be excused. 
    What is "Order of the Dolphin?"         
             The Order of the Dolphin is RLE's honor society for 4th  and 5th  grade students.   To be eligible, students must receive all B’s or higher  for  3 consecutive report card periods.  Students must also exhibit respectful behavior towards adults and peers.  Once a member, if a student’s grade drops below a B or they receive a Referral for misbehavior, they are put on probation and have the next 9 weeks to bring up the grade and improve behavior.  If the grade/behavior has not improved, the student is no longer a member.  If the student is already on probation for grades and receives a Referral, they are no longer a member. Once off Order of the Dolphin, the student must start over with 3 consecutive report card periods of B’s or higher along with Referral-free behavior.


    Are there benefits or privileges for Order of the Dolphin members?

            New Order of the Dolphin members are recognized at a  
            special ceremony at the beginning of each school year.  Members that   
            become eligible later in the school year are recognized on the school’s TV   
            news program.
                 Each new member receives a Certificate of Membership, a Dolphin
            membership pin, and a registration form for the over night Sea World field
                 Continuing members are recognized during the special beginning of the
            year ceremony and receive a registration form for the field trip.
            All 5th grade members are recognized during the 5th grade promotion
            exercise ceremony.


    What is the over night Sea World trip?

                 This special field trip is only open to Order of the Dolphin members. Eligible
           students leave school on charter buses on Thursday after school to join the Sea World Hosts at 6pm after the park closes.  We will sleep at Sea World that night and then enjoy Friday doing normal activities at Sea World.  We will return to school late Friday afternoon. 


    How much does it cost to go on the overnight Sea World trip?

                 The total cost per student is $150.00.  The total cost per chaperone is
           $150.00. There are some scholarship funds available to help reduce the cost. 
           Scholarship applications are available in the guidance office.


    How can I become a chaperone for the overnight Sea World trip?

                  Every chaperone must be fingerprinted and approved by the Lake
           County School system. Applications are available in
           the guidance office.  * There are limited chaperone spaces available.


    How soon can I sign my child up for the over night Sea World trip?

                  Field trip applications are made available during the Order of the
           Dolphin new member ceremony in October.  After that date applications can
           be picked up in the guidance office
Last Modified on December 19, 2017