• Fantastic Achievement in Middle Education
    To be selected for FAME, students must maintain a grade point average (GPA) of 3.67 or higher with no more than two Bs for the first three 9-week periods.
    Recipients and two guests are treated to a banquet in May celebrating their academic success as students.  This is a catered affair with a guest speaker to acknowledge the hard working students and inspire them for the future Past speakers have included Dr. Dot Richardson, Olympic Gold Medalist, Mrs. Aurelia Cole, Chief of Administration (Lake County Schools), Mr. Charlie McDaniel, former Principal of ERMS and pro-football player, Tony McCoy.
    For more information on FAME, you may speak with one of our school counselors.
    1.  How do I compute my GPA?
         Each letter grade has a point value:
        A = 4  B=3 and if you have a C or below, you won't qualify for FAME.
        You must have at least 4-As and 2-Bs to make FAME.
        4 As = 4 X 4 =16
        2 Bs = 3 X 2 = 6
    Total                   22 divided by 6 = 3.67
    2.  How will I know if I made FAME?
         You can check your GPA, but we will send formal invitations in early May.
Last Modified on April 18, 2018