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    Welcome to the
    Sorrento Elementary Music Department


    Thank you for visiting the Sorrento Elementary Music Department.   We want to instill a love of music in all our children while helping to develop the confidence, tools, and desire to help them succeed in the academic world as well. 
         All our Students will  begin their exploration of the music world by learning the building blocks of music as well as exploring the building blocks of music through movement, games, instrumental music, and  singing.
         Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades  flourish by learning the art of recorder performance. During this time, students receive instruction in basic notation reading and wind instrument performance. 
         All Students expand on their musical experience by using Orff Instruments. Each grade level participates in activities using Orff instruments that are specifically tailored to each grade level.
          Third, Fourth and Fifth grade students also have the opportunity to participate in our Wolf Pack Chorus, which meets once a week, and/or our Wolf Pack Instrumental Ensemble  which meets twice a week.   Performances are given several times a year.  Other special programs sponsored by the music department includes grade level performances and concerts, Talent Show, and promotion ceremony performance. Please feel join our Sorrento Elementary Family at any of our special events.
    Music Specialist - Lew Humphrey


Last Modified on March 11, 2015