•  Principal: Linda Shepherd-Miller


    Dear Hawk Students and Parents,

    Welcome to Lake Minneola High School, “Building a Legacy of Excellence and Academic Achievement,” where our focus is on learning for all students, faculty, and staff.

    You are about to embark on an adventure where you will learn and define who you are and who you will become.  The first step in this journey is deciding what courses you will take for the school year.  We are pleased to be able to offer you a curriculum guide.  This guide is an opportunity for you to build a strong, academic foundation for the future. 

     In order to be successful in your selection process, please consider the following:

    ·         Focus on Academics – We have created a curriculum with rigor and relevance.  We will offer up to 13 Advanced Placement (AP) Courses for the 2011-2012 school year.   We offer high-quality academic programs AVID and Career and Technical Education offered through the Academy of Multimedia and Technology.  Take advantage of these opportunities.  See the next page for special considerations.
    ·         Challenge yourself – You are capable of completing college-level courses.   To be successful, you need two things: 1. Strong curiosity in the subject; 2. Willingness to work hard.   In order to prepare for college-level coursework, we encourage you to take Advanced Placement, honors courses and consider the Early College Program found on pages eight through ten. 
    ·         Get involved! – We are proud to provide quality programs supporting academia, athletics and the arts.  We offer 20 Academic organizations and extracurricular groups, 30 athletic teams and a Fine and Performing Arts department.
    ·         Prepare for the FCAT, SAT and beyond – Every test is vital to your future in regards to assessment and opportunity.  We are committed to providing special programs that increase student achievement.  Turn to page 4 to learn about these programs:  Reading, Math, FCAT Prep, Graduation Prep, Math Tutoring and others.

    ·         Ask questions – Review this guide with your parents and/or guardians and consider your options carefully. 


    We look forward to providing you a positive, enriching and nurturing school environment at Lake Minneola High  School.  See you in August.  Go Hawks!


    Linda Shepherd-Miller



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Last Modified on May 7, 2019