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    world history
    PLANNING (5)
    World His (2) (3) (4) (6)(7)


    Highly Qualified Social Studies Teacher

    B.S. Social Science  Education

    B.A. History

    B.A. Liberal Studies
    Social  Science 6-12
    Social  Science 5-9
    Teacher   Biography
    I am the current teacher for world history at L.M.H. Proud to say i am a
    groundbreaking original HAWK. I have worked in middle school and in
    high school. I obtained my teaching credentials from U.C.F. I want to provide
    a great experience for all my students. 
    t  ok
    Celebratory Best Practice 

    Supportive, Personalized, and Relevant Learning is what i believe will make a



    difference in the students. As the years come and go, my students realize that 


    my classroom rules and routines were relevant in their academic goals.


    Through the years , no matter where i go, students yell my name and come


    to my room to say hi. Without personalized  relationships and a bit of humor  


    this job would be impossible. Sharing  a smile goes a long way with students.

    Instructional Best Practice 
     My teaching philosophy applies to the concept of discovery. With a great 
    appreciation of the unknown and sense of wonder, any student can
    appreciate new ideas regarding any subject. Making it new and exciting
    with the addition of technology really is to me the KEY for opening up the
    whole idea of education and learning. 
    Inspirational Quote 

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